The Mystic's Mala - Labradorite


The Mystic's Mala - Labradorite
#1 best-selling mala! 

So named Mystic's Mala as the qualities of this stunning labradorite stone is all about the magical, mystic awakening within you. 

Labradorite strengthens psychic and spiritual growth while keeping you grounded at the moment. 

This lovely stone has a subtle rainbow-like sheen that reflects beautifully off the beads with the beautiful black mura bead as a charming accent to this classic piece. 

Working mantras with this mala can help to enhance your intuitive and spiritual awareness while bringing peace and balance! 


This mala is 108 beads at 8 mm each.

Each mala is unique in length as they are all hand-made and tied with a knot between each bead for ease in doing proper Japa.

This mala is authentic labradorite beads with silk thread and tassel.

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