Rainbow Light Mala - Seven Chakra

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Rainbow Light Mala - 7 Chakra Mala

This mala has everything you need.

The Rainbow Light Mala has red and yellow tigers eye, howlite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, green jade, and carnelian. 

  • Tigers eye brings you good luck, protection, and compassion. 
  • Blue Howlite brings you inspiration and creativity. 
  • Lapis Lazuli enhances intuitive awareness
  • Amethyst transmutes negative into positive energy
  • Green Jade helps to boost functions in the heart, kidneys, and nervous system. 
  • Carnelian restores vitality and motivation.

Blessed with all the fantastic qualities of these stones, from transformation, compassion, intuition, passion, courage, purification, and unity. 

Want to create more harmony and balance in your life? This beautiful mala is waiting for you!


This mala is 108 beads at 8 mm each.

Each mala is unique in length as they are all hand-made and tied with a knot between each bead for ease in doing proper Japa.

This mala is authentic tigers eye, carnelian, amethyst beads with silk thread and tassel. Red tigers eye is lab-grown. We use authentic howlite beads dyed blue. 

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